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Looking for Desi Models

Do you think you have what it takes to be the 'Face of the month'?

I am looking for faces for the section - 'Women of Beauty'.

If you are truely 'a beauty' then Desi Dreams want to hear from you.

Any beauty would be a welcome addition to the site.


Every month a single larki will be chosen as 'Face of the Month' and be placed inside a snow dome for all to admire.

 If you are interested please send me your photos and/or home-movies.


Unfortunately as this site is simply a hobby rather than a business I can not afford to pay for the photos sent. I however offer a place in the limelight, links to your personal website (who knows what possibilities that may bring) and if in the case of home-movies will allow you to upload 2 movies in exchange for your own.

Please note

Please do not send in pictures of nudity unless tastefully discrete, simply send what you feel is shows your true beauty.

Home-movies on the other hand should be sensual and again with no nudity unless tastefully discrete.

 'Like movie therefore for Like'



For more information contact the email address.

If sending photos - you may simply wish to send photos via email.

If sending movies or prefer to send photos via an ftp simply inform me via the same address below.



Please only send photos and movies if of legal age if classified as of legal age (i.e. 18 yrs and above, or the age of legal consent of your country - whichever is greater!!).

Similarly please only send those photos and movies with the consent of the parties involved.

Responsibilty and any action undertaken due to infringement of the conditions above are at the sole responsibilty of the sender.