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There are 2 ways to obtain the movies available:

1. Trading

You can trade movies on-line with the web-master who is always looking at ways to increase his collection. Please note this only applies to high quality movies featuring beautiful desi women with 'English Subtitles' if the movie is not in English. Movies should be of DVD, mpg1, mpg2 or divx formats.

Please email him on:


2. Purchasing

This is an amateur site and one really aimed at seeking to expand the web-masters collection through trading movies as above. However I understand that sometimes much to ones frustration, one does not have any movies to trade and simply prefer to purchase such. To help such souls, I am willing to sell those I have.

Please note some of the movies in my collection are copyrighted movies and here I simply list the format I have seen these movies in. If you wish to purchase these movies then you should either go to a legitimate retailer or alternatively if you talk nicely to the webmaster may persuade him to sell you his copy (while he still has it).

Where the movies are copyrighted or owned by particular websites, recognition is given and the webmaster suggests that you seek to purchase such material from them.

All sales should be conducted through PayPal. There are no returns.


1. Single VCD or Single SVCD - £5 (Sterling) each + Postage (Uk Free Postage)

2.. Double VCD or SVCD - £6 (Sterling) + Postage (Uk Free Postage)

3. DVD - £16 (Sterling) + Postage (UK Free Postage)


Depends upon the option you choose. It reflects the actual cost per weight and a minimal cost for packing.

All UK deliveries include free postage.

Please see Post-Office link for costing options.


Please note if you do not take out registered or recorded forms of postage then transport and thus possible loss of material is at your own risk.

Any International orders may be subject to customs regulations and the webmaster does not take any responsibility for losses due to such.


To Purchase please contact:


Guide to Formats

As a general quality depends upon 2 things:

1. The quality of source material and recording quality - depends upon manufacturer.

2. . The format used:

DVD = Highest quality,

SVCD = High Quality (not quite as good as DVD but superior to VCD),

VCD = Good Quality (generally marginally better than VHS).

The format available for each movie is stated under the movie title.


For further information on formats please click on link: Format Guide

Try this link if you wish to know whether your DVD player is compatible with SVCD: SVCD Compatibility

Another great link explaining all about different digital media formation and programs to enhance ones website is